Black and white drawing of a tulip with a pattern

Walls you can't stop staring at

In a world full of IKEA art - be the flamingo.

In the original phrase 'IKEA art' is in fact 'pigeons', but that didn't fit with what I was going for - so I changed it. Because I can.

Much in the same way, if what you see in high street shops just doesn't do it for you or your home - don't settle for it. You deserve better. Be the incredible, fierce flamingo I know you can be.

AlderDoodle is about refusing to give up the magic of fairytales and stories. It's about embracing the enchanting, the wonderful and all the tiny little things that make you - you.

Scroll on down and read a few of the tiny things that make me - me!

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

Carrol Bryant


This is me. My name is Ramona (feel free to call me Mona.) I was born in Latvia so I speak 2 languages. For those wondering - I think (and swear) in English.


Fairytales, books, TV, art... I'll take it all! Currently reading The Stormlight Archive and it's incredible!


In case that wasn't clear - I f*cking love lettering. Especially vintage inspired with lots of detail and flourishes. Swoon!


That's my current d&d character Inka - she's an air genasi rogue. Illustration is drawn by my super talanted friend Ellie Jordan. Look her up!


No not like Monopoly. I'm talking Catan, 7 Wonders, Dominion and the like. If 'death from above' is a valid move - I'm taking it.


I love visiting countries I've never been to before. Roadtrips are awesome. 2 week roadtrips around Scotland - even more so. Orkney has the tastiest gin!

These are just a few of my favourite things. There's also dogs (I will stop mid-sentence to point out a doggo to you), cappuccinos, drinking cider in the sun, art supply shops, charity shops (you never know what you'll find!), fancy dress parties, watching B grade movies with your girlfriends, white wine.. I could go on for a while.

Also I can't whistle, have no interest in learning to drive and if you ask me for advice - I don't sugercoat things and will give it to you straight.

To come back to my original point - we're all different in our own special little ways so embrace who you are and let your freak flag fly!

Be the flamingo.

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