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Something special just for you...

Unique. One of a kind. Just like you.

Whether you have a Pinterest board full of fairytale related pins or a vague idea at most - together we'll create a piece of art that's just right.

Just send me a message about what you're after and I'll get back to you quicker than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious after drinking 5 glasses of wine.

Have a look below at some of the things I've worked on, ranging from passion projects to commercial ones!

D&D Character Cards

Custom character cards for each member of the party and the Dungeon Master.

Hand painted on thick cardstock in gold ink and finished with gold leaf detailing for extra sparkle.


Created for AbandonQuest Podcast.

Character card 5.jpg
Character card 1.jpg
Character card 3.jpg
Character card 2.jpg
Character card 4.jpg
Illustrations and card border design for a boardgame

Spot illustrations for icons and borders for cards used in a boardgame. As the game is still in development, not all the illustrations can be shown at this time.

Created for Prologues - D&D character creation game.

moment icon.jpg
Charmed map.jpg
charmed tree.jpg
Milestone icon.jpg
Memory icon.jpg
frame 2.jpg
fram 1.jpg
The Deck of Many Things

The wondrous item in the D&D lore. A magical deck of 22 cards to add some chaos to your d&d games.

Printed on 400gsm silk cardstock with gold foil illustrations in the standard tarot card size (70x120mm)

Available for purchase here

Passion project.

Deck of Many Things card back.jpg
D&D cards

Spell cards, item cards, spell slot trackers and statblock cards to keep your game organised - and shiny.

Printed on 350gsm recycled cardstock with gold foil illustrations.

Available for purchase in my shop

Passion project.

Item card front large.jpg
Creature card front TO FOIL.jpg
Spell card front large.jpg
Spell tracker front.jpg
Item card back large.jpg
Creature card back.jpg
Spell card back large.jpg
Spell tracker back.jpg
Custom letter prints

I live for detailed lettering prints. They're easily customised (from quotes to favourite animals) and make a great present for those hard to buy family members and friends.

Get in touch to commission your own!

Prices start at £50

S and J letters.jpg
J and N letters.jpg
Fairytale A personalised.jpg
F for Finley.jpg
were all mad here BW.jpg