*This listing is for a digital download and no physical stock will be sent*

'What's the range on that?' 'Err.. lemme check.'

Playing a spellcaster? Or maybe the NPCs have a lot of spells to keep track of? The guidebooks are great. But they're also big, heavy and sometimes you just want the main info in front of you without having to flip through the whole PHB. It's ok. We've all been there.

That's where these cards come in! 9 per sheet, when cut out, are the standard playing card size - 64x89mm, so no problems fitting them in usual sleeves. Or feel free to fill them in without cutting the sheet up - you do you!
They come in simple black&white and on aged paper texture for that extra special touch! Back is a simple pattern to save you from any problems when it comes to lining up the back and front during printing.

I would recommend printing them on cardstock for a better experience, but ultimately - it's up to you!

You'll get 2 zip folders with the following JPEG files in A4 and US letter sizes:
- card info sheet in simple black&white
- card info sheet on aged paper texture background
- card back sheet with a pattern on aged paper texture
- cards in business card size - 3.5x2in (8 on a sheet) on both A4 and US Letter sheets
- sheets with 4 cards per sheet (both A4 and US letter size) for those longer spells!

*This listing is for a digital download and no physical stock will be sent*

Blank d&d spell cards

  • Please note that these cards are for personal use only and you are not allowed to resell them, modified or otherwise.

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